Konrad Boehmer

Konrad Boehmer

What's New in 2014

IMPORTANT MESSAGE Concerning Konrad Boehmer 
From his family and the Board of the Konrad Boehmer Foundation: 
On August 10, 2014, while staying at his holiday residency in the south of France, the composer and music critic Konrad Boehmer was struck by an internal physical trauma that has left him unconscious ever since.
Konrad Boehmer has been transferred to Amsterdam where he currently receives the best possible medical care.
For urgent matters, please get in touch with us through Konrad’s regular email address: konboeh@xs4all.nl

Dance of the furies
The piece for 2 pianos "Furientanz" has been baptized in an absolute admirable way by Ian Pace and Frederik Croene during the Transit Festival in Leuven on October 27, 2013. The English premiere will be on November 20, 2013 in the New Music Festival in Huddersfield (same pianists).

During 2 years, Henk Lamers and Jeanne de Bont had long recording sessions with me for the production of a dvd, where I am talking about my life, music, music politics and other dubious affairs. We decided to put the entire thing in the internet. It is all in Dutch, but who cares?
If you want to see the dvd, use the following link:

Further information can be obtained at: www.loftmatic.com


Zur Theorie der offenen Form

IT'S THERE!! Go to "Compositions", last title "Zur Theorie der offenen Form.." and just download the entire book. You can search on the chapters within. Makes life easier.

Just published!!!:
Konrad Boehmer: Doppelschläge
Texte zur Musik, Band 2 (1968-1970)
PFAU-Verlag, Saarbrücken
ISBN 978-3-89727-467-9
€ 35,-
Vol. 2 opens the path to the "wild years" which will
shine in colourful red in Vol. 3