Da Ciri


Flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello

UA: 25/8/1991, Alte Oper Frankfurt, (Ensemble Köln; Dir.: Robert HP Platz)

CD: Da Ciri, order at: opus53@worldonline.nl

Performer(s) : Student Ensemble Conservatory Groningen, cond.: Peter Stam

DA CIRI was composed in June 1991 as a present for Sylvano Bussotti’s 60th anniversary. 32 years earlier (in 1959) he had unveiled to me the deepest secrets of his “Pièces de Chair” (1959) during the Summer Holiday Courses in Darmstadt. An occasion from which I have learned quite a lot. My modest homage to Bussotti relates to an Italian composer from the late Renaissance, Gesualdo da Venosa, who might have found his late re-incarnation in Bussotti.

As a ‘matrix’ I chose Gesualdo’s madrigal nr. 17 (book 6: “Moro lasso al mi duolo”) as if it were a “pièce de chair”. The result is a transfiguration of a work which – already in the time of its composition – did not respect any academic composition-standards or rules. The meaning of the title, DA CIRI, is only known to Bussotti and myself. There the matter must rest!

The score can be downloaded here: Da Ciri.pdf