Nomos Protos


12 instruments

UA: 5/12/1987, Schauspielhaus Köln, (Ensemble Köln; Dir.: Robert HP Platz)

CD: Konrad Boehmer, BVHAAST 9008 (CD 1990)

Performer(s) : Ensemble Köln, Robert Platz

Nomos Protos is the first of the “Protos” triptych. As “genetics” came up around the composition time, I arranged (and interconnected) the four basic acids (Guanine,Cytosine, Thymine and Adenine) in a symbolic way, which left me with four elements (better than 12, isn’t it?) which I translated into minimal “modes” which where then developed in a free way.

If you translate my piece in a (new) genetic code, you will get the most wunderful living being on Earth.