Electric Music, Tape (4 track tape, Prod. Studio für Elektron. Musik des WDR) and orchestra (without violins)

Text: Ferdinand Kriwet

UA: 12/1/1963, ,’Musik der Zeit’, Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester; Dir.: Bruno Maderna

CD: Konrad Boehmer, Position (+Il Combattimento + Ouroboros), BVHAAST 0504

POSITION was composed in 1960/61. The electric tape was realized in the studio of ‘electronic’ music of the Cologne radio WDR (in 1961/62).

The basic idea of this work is one of an ‘open’ form which does not consist in the exchangeability of its parts but in the idiomatic structure of the composition.

The tape is conceived as an open ‘matrix’ which can be interpreted by (composing or performing) musicians. In this way the ‘openness’ will be interpreted in a certain direction. One of the ‘interpretations’ of the piece is already integrated in the tape: a text by Ferdinand Kriwet refers to all kinds of (human) reactions on open situations, from fear to determination.

I have written the first (instrumental) interpretation myself, wherein I tried to combine the multitude of ‘electric’ textures (on tape) with a continuous instrumental tale.

You can download the score here: Position.pdf