Un Monde abandonné des facteurs


Text: Michel Robic. 4 Voices (between Soprano and Mezzo)

UA: 12/8/1997, Calgari (Italien), ensemble belcanto

DE: 24/1/1998, Frankfurt, ensemble belcanto

CD: ECM New Series 1739 (together with pieces by Haim Alexander, Fabrizio Casti and Wolfgang Rihm) Performer(s) : Ensemble Belcanto

UN MONDE ABANDONNÉ DES FACTEURS (1996) was composed at Dietburg Spohr’s request for the Ensemble Belcanto. A wonderful occasion to compose one of these confounded-polyphonic texts by my old friend Michel ROBIC, a text which in itself is semantically ambiguous to a high degree.

That is why this text is nearly impossible to translate. The French ‘facteur’ can signify amongst others: factor, maker, Creator, builder, founder or postman. In this respect the musical structure was conceived as highly polyphonic too.

The four voices join hands and disperse incessantly to embrace each other once again at unexpected moments. However, there is one paradox: exactly where “all” or “everything” comes up (… the entire universe…) the different voices join each other to a nearly homophonic ‘singularity’. Immediately after those moments they drift apart like butterflies of ambiguity.

The score can be downloaded here: Un-Monde-abandonné-des-facteurs.pdf