Chamber orchestra (38 instruments)

UA: 12/11/1963, , Orch. des Belgischen Rundfunks; Dir.: Bruno Maderna

VARIATION (1959-6o) was composed before my matriculation examination. It is an attempt to combine a linear-evolutionary form with a ‘curved’ one, leading to the form of a helix which turns continuously back into itself.

The result are points of intersection where the past meets the present and mixes up with it. These points of extreme concentration appear in the piece, – not the phases of development which lead towards them. This leads to a series of ’emanations’ which are all obeying the same fundamental laws. No variations, but a single variation (without theme!)

The piece is written for 38 solo-instruments allowing a huge variety of textures between soli and tutti, unequivocity and ambiguity. The piece is dedicated to Gottfried Michael KOENIG and his wife Ruth.

You can download the score here: Variation.pdf