Al contents of this website and all scores downloaded from this website: Copyright © Konrad Boehmer. No part may be published in any form without permission. Please contact the Konrad Boehmer Foundation for more information about permission. 

Warranty conditions for Konrad-Boehmer-downloads [as stipulated by Konrad in person]: 

The downloads of the scores are free (gratis)

If you intend to perform one of the downloaded compositions, you are only allowed to do so after you have notified the recital/concert at your (national) Author’s Rights society (for example: Norway: TONO,  Croatia: HDS, Finland: TEOSTO, Netherlands: BUMA, France: SACEM etc.) or (in the Anglo-American world) the respective “copyright” society (England: PRS, USA: ASCAP): Composers have to get at least some butter on their bread too, isn’t it?

From all performances, a programme must be sent (or emailed as PDF) to me.

You are only allowed to make recordings (for sound-carriers or broadcasting etc.) after having contacted me.

As you get this download for free, it is strictly forbidden to sell it to other people. Let us behave in a decent way: as this download is a present from me to you, you should not degenerate it into a commodity behind my back.

Changes in (or ‘arrangements’ of) the pieces are strictly forbidden without my explicit written consent. I am not very fond of musical vampyrism. Let those who want to become an immortal genius, invent their own stuff. That is what Richard Wagner meant when exclaimed: “Kinder, schafft Neues” (Boys, compose your own shit instead of ‘arranging’ other composers inventions).

Before downloading, you accept the conditions 1) to 6).

As I am not an exclusive chamber-music composer, you will be able in the near future to download orchestra (or even music theatre) scores. 

The parts (for instruments or singers) are not available for download. You can buy or rent them (at a price much cheaper than what you would have to pay to a publisher).

Please, contact me largely before you intend to start the rehearsals, because in many cases, I have to produce (digitally, photoshop etc.) these materials.  The rental material has to be sent back to me after the performance unless we agree that you buy it. If you make more than 1 performance from the respective score, you do not need to pay the material anew for every performance.

Performances of big pieces (orchestra, music theatre) need special contracts; especially when the performance is broadcasted. As I am not a bloodsucker, even these contracts will be quite ‘human’: My intention in this entire download project is to make the performances of Art Music cheaper and all our lives a little bit easier… 

Especially for Dutch “users”: You must order the orchestral parts directly with me, and not through any intermediary. Didn’t we want to make the performace of music cheaper??? Yes!

Have a nice download of my scores (or the ‘download’ of good glass of wine)!

Konrad Boehmer

PS: quite a lot of the scores are offered in A3-format. If you do not have an A3-printer, put them in your memory-stick and walk to the next printing shop.

For the ‘tracks’ of (instrumental-)electronic compositions: please contact me.

For further informations about my compositions, please read my website “compositions”