Flute Solo

UA: 1/3/1976, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Solist: Rien de Reede

CD : Duo Contemporain ‘Made in Leiden’ BS 0193 (CD 1993)

Performer(s) : Jean-Luc Menet (Fl.).

ATEM: This short piece has been composed (in 1975) for the flutist Rien de Reede, whose name (D, Re, E,D) appears clearly as a “sphinx” in the initial motive. This motive is continually developed leading to a rather animated middle part. The final part takes back the excitement and fades slowly away until only the some elements of the beginning remain. These elements finally reveal the true origin of the initial motive, which is derived from Schuberts “Phantasy Sonata”.

You can download the score here: Atem.pdf