Circe et circenses


Text by: Albert Ostermaier. 5 female voices, piano and percussion instruments (played by the singers)

UA: Wiesbaden, october 26, 2003, Ensemble Belcanto

CIRCE ET CIRCENSES (2002) The text which Albert Ostermaier has written specially for this composition turns the Circe episode from Homeus’ “Odyssaia” upside down.

The 5 singers represent the one sorceress Circe as if she would split up in 5 of her characters. The piece is concieved as a scenic concert. It ought to be performed in the spirit of drama, and not as a pure ‘vocal’ performance.

The percussion instruments should be used in the manner of mediterranean ‘antique’ traditions: extensions of the body and not ‘instruments’ in the modern sense.

CIRCE ET CIRCENSES has been composed at the request of the ENSEMBLE BELCANTO and Dietburg Spohr.

You can download the score here: