Piano Solo

UA: Witten, June 1995 

Performer: Jean Marc Reichow

FINGERSPITZENGEF(W)ÜHL is the little daughter of In Illo tempore. This gigantic and much demanding piano piece having already brought to a premature death quite a lot of pianists, I decided to extract an ‘Etude’, which is not easier to perform but which is just shorter.

This etude contains the main ‘episodes’ from ‘In Illo Tempore’ and links them together to an independent narrative structure.

Jean Marc REICHOW performed that piece during the ‘Wittener Musiktage’ in June 1995, and he is still very much alive.

What does the title mean? ‘Fingerspitzengewühl’ means: ‘rummage of the finger-tips’. ‘Fingerspitzengefühl’ means: ‘flair’, ‘subtle intuition’. Both aspects can be clearly heard in this piece. Etude from “In Illo Tempore”.

You can download the score here: Fingerspitzenge(f)wühl.pdf