2 Pianos, 4 percussionists, conductor

UA: 27/9/1966, , Percussion-Ensemble Radio Hilversum; Chaia Gerstein + Reinbert de Leeuw, piano; Cond.: Konrad Boehmer

DE: 27/1/1967, ‘Tage der Neuen Musik’, Hannover, Ensemble Siegfried Fink, Chaia Gerstein + Reinbert de Leeuw, Klavier, Dir.: Konrad Boehmer

FE: 15/3/1976, Domaine Musical, Paris, Groupe Instrumental de Percussion de Strasbourg; Yvonne Loriod + Georges Pludermacher, piano; Dir.: Michael Gielen

INFORMATION was composed between 1964 and 1965. The work belongs to a group of “open form” compositions which I later on transformed into a ‘fixed’ texture.

The different parts (as well as numerous subdivisions) are not based on ‘traditional’ serial techniques but rather on a concept derived from certain procedures of deductive ‘formal logic’.

The methods which I derived especially for INFORMATION concentrate much more on the connection between (possible) elements than on their disposition. By thus I tried to introduce the aspect of continuity into the formal process, but not in the classic sense, where this term means a linear evolution.

The formal process takes place between extremes such as ‘addition’ and ‘synthesis’, ‘alternative’ or ‘ambiguity’. All this leads to the conception of a polyvalence of the formal evolution itself, a type of form which is ‘open’ on grounds of its inner structure and not because of the (mechanic) interchangeability of its parts or textures.

After the Dutch premiere, a young man intruded my wardrobe and presented himself as “Willem Breuker”. It became a frienship which lasts until today…

You can download the score here: information.pdf