Klangstück I


Piano Solo

UA: 21/5/1999, St. George’s, Bristol; performer: Nicolas Hodges

CD: BVHAAST CD 0901 Konrad Boehmer – The Piano Works

Performer: Nicolas Hodges

KLANGSTÜCK I (1959) was composed during Stockhausen’s composition course at the Darmstadt “Ferienkurse” of July 1959.

The students on that course (I was by far the youngest) had been asked to compose a piece for piano, flute and percussion or for one or two of those instruments. Most of the young composers tried desperately to translate into their own compositions some of the ideas which Stockhausen had exposed during the course, but Stockhausen mostly showed no mercy. All that was very funny.

KLANGSTÜCK I is based on a serial structure, but because I have lost my preparatory sketches, I do not remember any detail. It was Nicolas Hodges who plucked the score from the dustbin of history 40 years after its composition.

Klangstück I is now a part of the Drei Klavierstücke. The score can be downloaded from this page.