Malgré la nuit seule…


Text: Arthur Rimbaud, from: Une saison en enfer (Old, withdrawn version was from: 1983/84)

Soprano solo, violin, clarinet and accordion

UA: 25/3/1985, Centre Pompidou, Paris, (Evelyne Razimovsky, Sopr.; Ensemble Intervalles)

MALGRÉ LA NUIT SEULE… (1998/9) is the re-composition of a piece which dates from 1984. The poem is from Arthur Rimbaud’s Une saison en enfer. In its actual form the piece is written for soprano solo, violin, clarinet and accordion.

As Rimbaud has been the hero of my adolescence, I had designed a piece on this poem when I was about 16 or 17 years old. As I did not know yet how to transform my initial idea into a mature piece of music, I concentrated on other things. But the initial melody from that time has been maintained through all the versions.

It is present even in the last version (from 1998/99). Wet dreams never dry up…

You can download the score here: MalgrlanuitSeule.pdf