Nordisches Liedchen


Piano Solo

CD: BVHAAST CD 0901 Konrad Boehmer – The Piano Works Performer(s) : Nicolas Hodges

When that prudish Norwegian music teacher once again preached to her class about all those great but very dead composers, my little nieces Desirée and Andrea dissented: ‘They are not all dead. We have an uncle who is a composer and he is very much alive!’. ‘Nonsense’, said the teacher.

Well, to prove that I was still alive, I had to compose a children’s piece, designed for a school recital: it was performed by one of my nieces in Oslo at the end of 1975. The middle part of this piece is a quotation from a song used by the Scandinavian movement against the Vietnam war.

Nordisches Liedchen is now a part of the Drei Klavierstücke. The score can be downloaded from this page.