Text by Albert Ostermaier (Electric Music Theatre, 6-Track)

Soundtrack 6 Channels, 3 actors (2 M one W), Piano, clarinet, 2 percussions, Conductor, Performance score

This ‘electric’ theatre piece has been accomplished (november 2007). Three persons (Sensor, Stay and Nab) meet each other in an unidentified underworld.

What has happened? A murder, an accident? Nobody will ever know. The relation between the persons, their memories, their reflections are registered like in a multiple mirror or like in those cameras which follow our steps in our own underworlds.

A piece which has its roots in the old Orpheus mythology but which reflects the ensnaring between our own ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ lives. The electric part is the musical symbol of the underworld, the instruments mirror the human actions and the 3 actors fight against both.

You can download the score here: