Tango Deslavado y Moroso


Piano Solo

UA: 27/2/1986, B.Schonberg Theater, New York, Solist: Yvar Mikhashoff

CD: BVHAAST CD 0901 Konrad Boehmer – The Piano Works Performer(s): Nicolas Hodges

TANGO DESLAVADO Y MOROSO (1984) was composed for a Tango Project initiated by New York’s Quadrivium Music Press and Ivar Mikashoff. The collection was never completed or published.

As I have always been fascinated by the sharp bandoneon blows in the Argentinean ‘Sexteto Tango’, I tried to integrate them into my piece in the form of sharp dissonant moments.

As the title of this little piece indicates, it is ‘washed out’ (deslavado) and ‘dawdling’ (moroso), in short: a real Tango.

TANGO DESLAVADO Y MOROSO is now a part of the Drei Klavierstücke. The score can be downloaded from this page.